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During the final year of my undergraduate degree in Music Performance at the University of Leeds I conducted an empirical study of the factors influencing Bb clarinet purchasing decisions, and how this varies between different types of clarinettists.


The purpose of this detailed investigation into one instrument, the Bb clarinet, was to shed a light on the influences within the wider field of musical instrument purchasing that are not present in current literature. Possible areas for further investigation were also discussed, as well as future applications of this current research within the musical instrument industry. Until further research is carried out, it will be difficult to do the comparative work necessary to definitively prove which factors have the greatest influence on instrument purchasing, however, this study forms a substantial base to facilitate further research within this field.

I have decided to make my research available to the public, in the hope that it may be of use within the music products industry.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or feedback you may have regarding this research.

(if you have difficulties downloading the document, please contact me, and I will email you a copy directly)

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